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Aspen Pole Deer Fence
"Produce No Waste"

This project is a result of wanting to use the "waste" product from feeding the sheep during the late summer and fall of 2017. I had been working on clearing out the aspen saplings from a section of future grazing cells. The sheep like them so i did just enough each day that the small trees could supplement the other feed the sheep were getting. As the weeks went on I collected a large pile of nice, straight poles of various sizes. I had originally thought to use them as garden stakes but decided to try weaving them through the wire fence that was keeping the flock contained in the area I was clearing for the annual vegetable garden. It turned out to be quite sturdy, though I still have to pound the main posts into the ground more securely! The result is a six foot tall fence that will be useful to grow climbing crops such as pole beans or cucumbers on as well as creating a barrier to deter deer. With the addition of some electric wire it should be secure enough to deter bears and coyotes as well.

The project worked so well that I started using some of the shorter poles to weave into the barbed wire fence along the road to secure the first of many grazing cells. The barbed wire was sufficient to mostly keep cattle out but not really suitable for keeping sheep, especially smaller lambs, from squeezing through and going on walkabout! The woven poles have made the fence much more sheep friendly. Hopefully I will be able to get the rest of that grazing cell fenced this summer so the sheep can test it out!

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