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Wildhaven Permaculture Design and Family Farm

My name is Karin Wilds and I am the owner and principle farmer at Wildhaven Farm. Together with my family and a small group of like minded friends and local families interested in food security, we are working on developing Wildhaven Farm into a hub of food production and community. Using permaculture principles and design, we strive to grow a complete, local, omnivorous diet for our family and our CSA families. As our farm matures we hope to be able to offer complete food security for several families besides our own. In addition to food we also produce a variety of different resources like wool and hides for clothing and craft.

In addition to being a food producing farmer, I am also a permaculture designer with an interest in helping others in their journey to living a more regenerative livestyle. I will work with individuals and families in helping to make the transistion from our current land and ecosystem depleting lifestyles to that of one that works with natural systems to regenerate our landscapes and leave the earth healthier than what we start with. I am available for a variety of consultations from a simple chit chat about possibilities to fully implemented designs. Please feel free to take a look at my portfolio of projects I have worked on and inquire about fees and options.

Wildhaven Farm CSA and Work Shares

We believe very much in supporting a local economy and building community. Although our farm is mostly about providing food for our immediate family, we feel strongly that groups of people should be able to work together to provide necessities like food and clothing. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) veggie box system is one way that we can connect with our community and have them feel like they are a part of their own food cycle. We encourage our CSA members to return their waste as compost that gets recycled back into the system and to visit the farm and even help with harvest if they wish. We currently only provide a limited summer CSA with optional egg add on but plan to expand to include winter veggie boxes, bulk storage and processing crops, meat shares, dairy goat herdshares and even fiber shares! Our goal is to eventually have our CSA customers be part of our "family" farm with the farm providing the majority of food needs for a small community of people. This is an ambitious goal but more than attainable if we work together!

In 2018, as part of our plan to grow into a larger community, we will be offering a limited amount of "work share" opportunities. These work shares will be communicated mostly VIA our facebook group and word of mouth but feel free to inquire about possible options at any time. A few of the ideas we are playing with are -

Weekly work for vegetable boxes - come out and spend a couple hours helping in the garden each week and take home a big box of produce.

Bulk harvest days
-  we may not have enough volume to offer this in 2018 but it is in the planning stage.

Meat share
- we are considering offering a limited number of meat based work shares in which you commit to several hours a week or monthly, helping with the livestock part of the farm including things like fencing, building coops, pens and tractors etc. and in the fall you can either participate in the annual butchering or take your share to a local processor.

Fibre share - Like rabbits? Or sheep? A fibre work share would involve helping with weekly grooming of our small angora rabbit herd, sorting and cleaning fleeces from our flock of romeldale sheep, maybe some spinning, kitting and cochet? and other chores related to the raising of fibre. Both angora wool and romeldale wool is very fine and soft. It is suitable for a variety of "next to the skin" clothing. We also manage to collect a small amount of cashmere from our Nubian goats each spring and often trade with other farmers for alpaca and llama wool.

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